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Why Etiquette Matters to You


If you’re an individual, bad etiquette affects your personal image, hurting you socially and professionally.  Making a poor impression at a job interview, for example, means not getting hired.


If you’re a company, bad etiquette is bad for business; studies have shown that workplace incivility and bad behavior by employees have real and tangible financial repercussions.  Where do certain disgruntled employees take out their frustrations?  You guessed right – your customers.


So for individuals and companies alike, bad etiquette is bad for business.



Who Are We?


East-West Institute of Applied Etiquette is a boutique consulting firm based in Hong Kong offering training in business etiquette, communications skills, and related topics to corporate executives and professionals in Hong Kong, Macau, and China.


Our core workshops provide immediate and practical business etiquette and communications skills to enable individuals and business teams in the region to compete more effectively on an international level.


We also teach social etiquette skills to help individuals feel confident about themselves so that they can feel at ease navigating the maze of social situations that modern life and technology have created. 


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Why Applied EtiquetteSM?


Applied EtiquetteSM is a concept we invented and coined, and one which reflects the Institute's core belief that clients are best served by given information and skills that are real, practical, and immediately usable.


We teach Applied EtiquetteSM because we want (and expect) you to use what you learn.  Practical techniques you can actually apply should help achieve identifiable goals such as captivating your clients’ attention in a business meeting, improving your ability to convey a message in a short pitch, or forming a closer relationship as a result of being a better listener.


Courses are designed to be:

  • Topically relevant to everyday business and social life
  • Practical rather than academic
  • Fun, interactive, and engaging
  • Small in size to give a high level of personal attention


Applied EtiquetteSM is modern and practical.  East-West Institute of Applied Etiquette is not an archaic finishing school that teaches you how to curtsy or eat a banana with a fork and knife.



Our promise to you: pragmatism and delivering real value

Who Benefits from Our Services?


Etiquette has universal appeal and myriad applications.  Our workshops attract and benefit a wide audience across various industries, professions, and age groups.  Our experience tells us, however, that certain persons and groups find mastering the techniques that we teach particularly valuable.


Corporate Executives Doing Business with International Companies

  • Exude confidence and a professional image
  • Demonstrate appropriate international workplace etiquette
  • Understand Western cultural "dos and don'ts"
  • Make an impression at networking events
  • Master skills for Western dining and business entertaining


Front-line Staff of Luxury, Hospitality, and F&B Businesses

  • Exude confidence and a representative brand image
  • Deliver premium and memorable service experience
  • Avoid actions and habits that can turn off customers


Job Applicants and Interviewees

  • Exude confidence and a professional image
  • Improve interview skills and increase chances of getting hired
  • Learn how to design a self-image and convey key messages regardless of what interviewer asks


Students and Applicants to Highly Selective Educational Institutions

  • Exude confidence and a mature image
  • Improve interview skills and increase chances of university admission
  • Communicate clearly and master the art of storytelling
  • Learn grooming and dress techniques to enhance appearance and confidence
  • Master interpersonal skills to fit into new culture and enrich social relationships


Why China?

We are strongly committed to China because of a need for formalized etiquette training here and we observe the following trends in the region:


  • Local and regional businesses are expanding to become true global players
  • Companies are raising money in capital markets from highly sophisticated international financial institutions
  • Workers are moving to urban centers to seek higher-paying jobs
  • More people are improving their standards of living to a level which allows them to travel as tourists and business visitors
  • More and more young people are moving abroad to attend college and university
  • Expatriates continue to be drawn to the region by attractive employment opportunities


All of these trends give rise to the need for Chinese and non-Chinese to learn and improve the way they communicate and conduct themselves both professionally and socially.  When cultures clash, the chances of misunderstanding increase.  Etiquette is an international language that bridges cultural gaps and helps bring people from different places and backgrounds closer together.