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Interviewing Magic: Crucial Skills To Achieve Success (and Avoid Embarrassment)

Course Code: INTERVMAG
Date: 2014-07-12
Status: Expired

AGE: 18+

APPROXIMATE LENGTH: 4.5 hours (2-day program; 2 hr. + 2.5 hr. sessions; includes breaks)

DESCRIPTION: "Just casually run me through your resume." If only it were that easy! Today's job interview tests your social skills, EQ, common sense, and leadership potential. Having good grades alone just doesn't cut it anymore. This course teaches you how to make a connection with your interviewer (this doesn't just mean making your interviewer like you) so that you get invited to subsequent interview rounds, and ultimately, land the job. Competition is tougher than ever. Give yourself an edge!


Topics that will be covered include:

  • College vs. job interviews
  • Different styles of interviews (one-on-one vs. group vs. role-play)
  • Proper interview attire

  • Grooming basics

  • Body language: facial expressions, eye contact, listening, rest of body

  • Introducing yourself and the art of the handshake

  • Posture and walking with confidence

  • Handling business cards

  • Making small talk

  • Networking


East-West Institute of Applied Etiquette (EWIAE) is a boutique consulting firm based in Hong Kong offering business etiquette and communications-skills training to corporate executives and professionals in the Greater China region.  The Institute's teaching philosophy revolves around Applied EtiquetteSM, a concept we invented and coined, and which reflects our core belief that clients are best served by being provided with information and skills that are real, practical, and immediately usable.  For enquiries, plese email info@eastwestetiquette.com.

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