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Stand Up, Stand Out! Establishing Executive Presence that Gives You Professional Advantage

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Have you ever met a true professional and noticed how he/she navigates professional and social situations with ease and confidence?  Few people are born with this ability; those professionals that you admire developed their skills through learning and constant practice.  This highly interactive workshop teaches you how to think and behave like a professional.  You will learn how to greet and say goodbye to people properly, make social introductions, and expand your social and business networks.  Whether you aspire to enter government, become a doctor, work in finance, or start your own business, the skills acquired in this class will last you a lifetime.



  • Importance of self-image → self-image = brand image = organization image; importance of a professional image
  • Posture (sitting and standing) and walking with confidence; identifying and respecting personal space
    • Observe-and-practice segment involving students
  • Behaviors and movements that are inappropriate
  • Basic communication skills: hellos, goodbyes, swapping perspectives with listener, active listening, follow-up, etc.
  • Verbal communication; word choice + engineering voice to control an audience
  • Body language: facial expressions, eye contact (vs. staring), listening, rest of body
  • Introducing yourself and the art of the handshake; proper and improper handshakes for business
    • Practice segment involving students
  • Introducing others
    • Participants assume various characters in the business world and practice introducing / getting introduced
  • Business card etiquette across different cultures
  • Making small talk – arriving early, appropriate subjects, give-and-take, how to respond to inappropriate questions, easing yourself into conversations, etc.
  • Summary



  • Make a first impression that puts you on top and gets you remembered for the right reasons

  • Understand how behavior affects the way people perceive you

  • Get noticed for the right reasons

  • Learn pragmatic interpersonal skills that will help transform the way you communicate, move, behave, and think

  • Behave professionally in the workplace; behave gracefully in social settings

  • Feel more confident about yourself


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