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The Essence of Confidence - A Quick Primer

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Confidence is the hallmark of success. Explore the phenomenon and characteristics of confidence and why some people seem to have more of it than others.  In this lecture, our consultant will dedicate a portion of the class to giving you tips, both mental and physical, on how to instantly improve your confidence.  Whether you're looking to make changes in your professional life, social life, or personal life, boosting your confidence will help you achieve your goals.



  • Confidence explained – loud/cocky ≠ confidence; soft-spoken ≠ lack of confidence; so what is confidence?
  • No confidence?  It’s not your fault!

  • Physiology and psychology of confidence

  • Why is confidence attractive?

  • What are the physical characteristics of confidence/lack of confidence?

  • What would you do with more confidence?

  • 5 mental tips to become a more confident person

  • Understand what confidence is…and isn’t

  • Think positively/learn how to disarm negative thoughts

  • Mimic and visualize - build on strengths from different areas of your life

  • Put things in perspective to control fear

  • Push beyond your comfort zone

  • Increasing confidence through posing



  • Gain an understanding of the phenomenon of confidence

  • Get a head start on becoming the confident person you want to be

  • Learn how to continue to improve your confidence

  • Improve your ability to read and understand people

  • Make a change that people will notice


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