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No Black Suits! Proper Business Attire for Men

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Why shouldn’t you wear a black suit to the office? Why are thick-soled shoes slowing you down (not your walking speed, we’re talking about your career)?  Learn why dressing like a true professional is so important for projecting a winning and appropriate image to your business clients. Your business attire and grooming should complement your impressive credentials as business professionals. This workshop covers a broad range of topics, from power suits, to undershirts, to proper bags, to appropriate accessories such as cufflinks and shoe-belt combinations.



  • Visual basics and optical illusions
  • “Don’t like” vs. unacceptable
  • Proper business attire for men
  • Interactive slideshow
  • Before-and-after wardrobe makeovers
  • Things to keep in mind for the finance industry
  • Things to keep in mind for other industries
  • Everything but the business suit – appropriate shoes, briefcases/bags, and accessories
  • The “business casual” trap
  • Interview dress vs. attire for other occasions business execs may encounter
  • Expensive ≠ Good
  • Grooming basics for the office



  • Dress for success

  • Dress to convey professionalism in various business settings

  • Feel more confident

  • Improve all aspects of your wardrobe, not just work

  • Gain confidence in your appearance

  • Learn essential style guidelines for the work environment

  • Learn how to change your wardrobe and make it work for you


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