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Western Dining Etiquette for Business Executives

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DESCRIPTION:  This workshop teaches you all the skills you need for a business meal.  After an interactive lecture covering the principles of dining etiquette, it's time for students to roll up their sleeves to practice what they have just learned over a multi-course meal.  Taking this class will help you act professionally and confidently at your next power lunch or dinner.  Make an impression and keep your focus where it counts.


Topics that will be covered include:

  • Essential dos and don'ts
  • Where do I sit?
  • The role of hosts and guests
  • What's yours, what's mine?
  • Dining posture
  • Order and use of utensils
  • Etiquette of ordering
  • American vs. Continental
  • Mastering a multi-course meal
  • Food-specific tips; what not to order
  • 「Special situations」
  • Business dining (paying, how much to order, etc.)
  • General etiquette rules that also apply to meals

East-West Institute of Applied Etiquette (EWIAE) is a boutique consulting firm based in Hong Kong offering business etiquette and communications-skills training to corporate executives and professionals in the Greater China region.  The Institute's teaching philosophy revolves around Applied EtiquetteSM, a concept we invented and coined, and which reflects our core belief that clients are best served by being provided with information and skills that are real, practical, and immediately usable.  For enquiries, please email info@eastwestetiquette.com.

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